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Boy Scout Troop 21
(Zeeland, Michigan)
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Worksheet - Dining Hall Waiters (4 tables).xlsx Worksheet - Dining Hall Schedule (4 tables)  
Worksheet - Dining Hall Waiters.xls Worksheet - Dining Hall Schedule  
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Worksheet - Merit Badges at Camp Gerber.xls Worksheet - Merit Badge  


July 21-27, 2013

Gerber Scout Camp offers a wide range of instruction and hands-on training in all the traditional camp activities. All staff members undergo extensive training to make sure all campers receive the best possible instruction. Key Area Directors are graduates of the prestigious B.S.A. National Camp School and hold certificates from many other organizations. You can learn to shoot a bow and arrow at the Archery Range, fire a black powder muzzle loader and learn firearm safety at the Rifle and Shotgun Ranges, take up swimming, kayaking and sailing at the Waterfront and carve a decoy or stamp a wallet at the Handicraft Area. Regardless of whether you are working on a merit badge or just having fun, the staff is there to serve you so you get the best and safest experience possible. Do not miss out on the fun. Many weeks are already filled at Boy Scout Camp.

Below are links to the Michigan Crossroads Council web page.  Please click the links below for further information. 

Online Summer Camp Instructions

Boy Scout Camp at Gerber SR

Boy Scout Camp - General










Another great year at Camp Gerber.  We had one Scout finish his ordeal in the Order of the Arrow and his father was able to present his OA sash at the ceremony. Six new scouts completed their "Eagle Quest" requirements. 64 merit badges were earned with 11 partially completed merit badges. We had one scout win the tomahawk throwing contest.  One scout was recognized at the final fire bowl for his work in the Ecology area. Two scout leaders passed the "BSA Aquatics Supervision, Swimming and Water Rescue" and three completed the "BSA Aquatics Supervision, Paddle Craft Safety".  Two leaders received diplomas from "Gerber University".  Four Leaders received their official Troop 21 nicknames, Left Bauer, Mr. Cashew, Shark, Sleepy!

Troop 21 was the only Troop to attend all four chapel services.  We also ended each day at 10 PM with a devotional time ~ reflecting on our Duty to God!
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2011 Health Form.pdf  
2011 Items to Bring to Camp.pdf  
2011 Merit Badges Pre Camp Requirements.pdf  
2011 Merit Badges.pdf  


Troop 21 had another successful year.  Over 60 merit badges were earned, 4 Order of the Arrow Ordeal Members sealed their membership in the Brotherhood and 1 Scout won the Camp Gerber Shooting competiton.

We again attended all the Chapel services as a Troop and each evening we spent in a short devotional time lead by the scouts.

We even had fun with the infamous "Northern Michigan Ring Tailed Skunk".

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2010 Annual Health and Medical Record.pdf Annual Medical Record (Required)  
2010 Campership Form.pdf Campership Form (Optional)  
2010 Leader Application Form.pdf Leader Application Form (Leaders Only)  
2010 State of Michigan Required Authorizations.pdf State of Michigan Required Authorizations (Leaders Only)  
2010 Summer Camp Fee Transmittal Form.pdf Summer Camp Fee Transmittal Form (Leaders Only)  
2010 Summer Camp Reservation Form.pdf Summer Camp Reservation Form (Leaders Only)  
2010 Summer Camp Staff Application.pdf Summer Camp Staff Application  


Troop 21 had a very successful week.  Our group of Boy Scouts earned 77 Merit Badges and 5 partial Merit Badges.  We had 5 young men and one adult enter the Order of the Arrow as Ordeal Members and 1 Scoutmaster who sealed his membership in the Order of the Arrow as a Brotherhood Member.  We had 1 Scout complete the One Mile Swim, 1 Scout complete the Snorkeling Activity Badge and finally 1 Scout complete the Finding your Faith Activity Badge.  Most of our first year Scouts attended Eagle Quest.

Several highlights of camp included Star gazing (without any light pollution), the first time we have ever invited another troop to our campsite for games and snacks (Troop 33 from Hamilton, MI), we had tomahawk throwing and shooting champions, one scout drank 21 half-pints of milk at one meal, and scouts held reptiles.

We had campfires every night however two nights, our Communications Merit Badge participants MC'd the fires.  The first night, the Dark Star Patrol won the competition with a hilarious skit.  The last night the Pine Tree Patrol won with an inspiring harmonica song, Ode to Joy.  The Cyote Patrol won the skit competition.  We finished each night with devotions sometimes lead by the adult leaders and sometimes by the Scouts.  Our Troop had the largest representation at the mid-week chapel services.

For the Order of the Arrow ceremony, we had one Scout light the opening fire in a camp record time, 56 seconds, with flint and steel.  We had two members from our troop carry the torches and escort the Ordeal Candidates to their sleeping location.  We had one Scout present his father with the Order of the Arrow sash and One Adult Leader present his son with the Order of the Arrow sash.

Our over all theme for this year was...

We Love Camp!
We Love Camp!
We Love Camp!

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2009 Camp Merit Badge Requirements 001.pdf Listing of Merit Badges and Prerequisites  
Health Form - Adult 2009.pdf Health Form - Adult 2009  
Health Form - Class 3 (Youth & Adult) 2009.pdf Health Form Class C - Youth and Adult 2009  
Health Form - Youth 2009.pdf Health Form - Youth 2009  
Merit badges 2009.pdf Schedule of Merit Badges offered this year  


We had a fabulous week at Gerber Scout Camp.  The weather cooperated with the exception of family night on Wednesday.  Our group of young men earned 34 Merit Badges with several partials, 6 Rank Advancements, 4 Scoutmaster Merit Badge recipients, 3 Order of the Arrow Ordeal members, 1 Order of the Arrow Brotherhood member, and 1 Finding your Faith Activity Badge recipient.  We had several Scouts participate in the COPE program.  We were the only Troop to attend all the chapel services as a group.

Even more important than all the awards earned I saw something more impressive.  I saw a few older Scouts show their Leadership skills.  The older Scouts voluntarily assisted the younger Scouts on their rank advancements.  They also taught the younger scouts some valuable life lessons.  We typically ended the day with a devotional time.  On several occasions, many of the Scouts shared their own personal thoughts and testamonies.  Several of the Scouts also had the opportunity to add to the devotional time by praying. This group of Scouts entered the week as boys and ended the week as young men.

I am very proud of each of these Scouts!

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2008 Adult Health Form.pdf Leaders Health Form  
2008 Camp Schedule.pdf Camp Schedule  
2008 Leader's Guide Book.pdf Leaders Guide Book  
2008 Merit Badge Schedule.pdf Merit Badge Schedule  
2008 Scout's Guide Book.pdf Scout Guide Book  
2008 Youth Health Form.pdf Youth Health Form  
Campership Application.pdf Campership Form  
Medical Health Form.pdf Leaders Medical Form  
Medical Health Form.pdf Youth Medical Form