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Boy Scout Troop 21
(Zeeland, Michigan)
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1960-03-03 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-03-24 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-07-14 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-10-13 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-10-27 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-11-03 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-12-08 ~ Zeeland Record

1960-12-15 ~ Zeeland Record

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1963-12-12 ~ Zeeland Record

1964-05-28 ~ Zeeland Record

1965-03-16 ~ The Holland Evening Sentinel

Scout-o-Rama Attracts 23 Scout Units

A total of 23 Boy Scout units will participate in the Scout-o-Rama Saturday, April 3 in theCivic Center, chairman Hugh Rowell said today. Rowell said this is the first time in the history of the event that 100 per cent of the units in the district are assisting in the development of the project.

With the subject matter selected, Scouting will be well represented. Rowell said with the addition of the Scout units, a total of 43 Cub and Scout units will be taking part in the show.

Rowell said units that will be participating in the Scout-o-Rama, their sponsors, subjects and leader are
Troop 6. First Reformed Church, "Personal Fitness." Elmer Van Dyke
Troop 7. Third Reformed Church, ' Astronomy." Albert A Walters
Troop 8. St Francis de Sales. "Marksmanship." Fred Grunst and
Troop 10. First Methodist Church, "Weather," Stephen Scott Others are
Troop 11, Hope Reformed Church, "Camp Gadgets (miniature)," Raymond L. Wilkinson;
Troop 12, T r i n i t y Reformed Church, "Woodcarving," Henry Derksen,
Troop 18, Douglas Congregational Church. "Firemanship."John Barnes;
Troop 21, Second R e f o r m e d Church. Zeeland, "Leatherwork," Nicholas Kramer, and
Troop 22, Beechwood Reformed Church, "Chemistry," Paul Young.
Troop 29. Saugatuck Congregational Church, "Compass." Donald Switzer.
Troop 30, Harrington School PTA, "Mechanical Drawing," Alfred Kane.
Troop 33, Hamilton Reformed Church, "Camp Scene (outside),"LaVerne Sale;
Troop 41. Pine Creek School PTA, "Maps and Charts," George Fleming, and
Troop 43. North Shore Community Club, "Indian Dancing (stage)," Donald Moore.
Troop 44. Maplewood Reformed Church "Rocks and Minerals," Bruce J Ming,
Troop 45, Ganges Methodist Church, "Packs. Packing. Hiking." Jack Liepe.
Troop 49, Loyal Order of Moose. "Stamps and Coins," K J Vander Kooi,
Troop 57


. Harlem Reformed Church "Nature and Plastercraft," Rex Foss; and
Troop 146, Holland Shrine Club. "Linoleum Block Printing,'" Edwin Lake.
Troop 147, First Presbyterian Church, "Fingerprinting," Kenneth Roberts:
Troop 151, Christ Memorial Church, "Soil and Water Conservation," Clark Weersing;
Troop 155, Sixth Reformed Church, "Pioneering," LeRoy Sybesma. and
Troop 157, Calvary Reformed Church, "Signalling." M. E. Evans.








1965-09-15 ~ Zeeland Record

1967-02-23 ~ Zeeland Record

1967-03-23 ~ Zeeland Record

1967-05-25 ~ Zeeland Record

1967-12-28 ~ Zeeland Record

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1969-12-31 ~ Zeeland Record